Nara L.
Для себя.

1. Get very sleepy but don't sleep. DO NOT drink coffee. When you can't take it, lie down, keep eyes open and think of what you want to dream baout. Reality will slowly meld with your dream and your consciousness won't turn off. Advantages: Skip the pre-REM cycles, reasonably reliable. Disadvantages: It's easy to screw up and if you do, you'll likely have sleep paralysis and the panic will summon monsters in your dream. You'll also likely lose lucidity because of it.

2. Sleep for a couple of hours when you're sleepy. Wake up every 5 minutes after that, for about 10 times, then sleep normally. Your dreams in that last phase of sleep will ahve a higher chance of turning lucid.

3. Try to Mr Charles yourself in real life often so it becomes a habit and you do it in your dream. (If you didn't watch Inception, jsut ask yourself if you're dreaming. You'll usually get the right answer in and out of dreams.)

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